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Help fight meningitis with vaccination

Get to know the most common serogroups in the US

Currently, there are 5 vaccine-preventable serogroups of meningococcal disease in the United States: A, B, C, W, and Y.1 In the US, most cases of meningococcal disease have been caused by serogroups B, C, and Y.2

Help protect appropriate patients with meningitis vaccines

Adolescents/young adults need vaccines to help protect against the 5 vaccine-preventable
serogroups of meningitis—Men A, B, C, W, and Y.1

Are you prepared to discuss MenB and MenB vaccination with your appropriate patients?


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Learn more about the meningitis vaccination options GSK offers.


Vaccination may not protect all recipients.

CDC=Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; MenB=meningococcal serogroup B; MenACWY=meningococcal serogroups A, C, W, and Y.


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